The website

This is the source for, an information portal/overview site for Plain Text Accounting and related tools: Ledger, hledger, beancount, etc.

Since 2022-01, there is also a companion wiki: (The wiki is hosted on Github and its urls are not finalised, but[/PAGE] will always redirect to the right place.)


Construction and rendering

The site is mainly one big markdown page, plus a few more. These are rendered by Pandoc (chosen originally for its power and dependability, to minimise layout troubleshooting time).

Hosting and deployment

The site's repo is Since 2022-01, the site is rendered by Cloudflare Pages. Changes merged in the master branch appear at within 2-3 minutes.

Where to discuss / give feedback

The site is managed via

How to make a change through the web

  1. Log in to Github and click the pencil at
  2. Make your changes to the markdown source.
  3. Use the Preview tab to check the result.
  4. When everything looks right, commit with a descriptive message.

This will be applied immediately if you have commit access, otherwise a fork and pull request will be created, which we will review soon.

How to make a change on your machine

  1. Log in to Github, fork this repo, and clone the fork to your machine.
  2. Make your changes to (and/or, css/*, images/*).
  3. To preview, run make (requires GNU Make and pandoc 2.5+) and view index.html in your web browser.
  4. When everything looks right, commit with a descriptive message.
  5. git push to your fork.
  6. Submit a pull request.

How to see a live preview on your machine

Quick and dirty ways:

For accurate rendering:

How to get commit access

If you're a recurring contributor and haven't yet been granted commit access, please request it in the #plaintextaccounting chat.