Simon Michael operates the "plaintextaccounting" organisation (together with contributors and moderators), providing and, managed matrix rooms/space and IRC channel, support, outreach etc. SM also acts as CFO and fiscal host. For more background, see PTA forum news, 2024-03-18 and A trial of Discourse for Plain Text Accounting discussions.

I want this organisation to be solvent and self-sustaining, so if you find this work useful, and you are in a position to help financially, your support is much appreciated!

Github charges 0% fees for personal accounts, 3-6% fees for organization accounts.
Paypal charges ~3% fees.

To all funders: thank you in advance!

Balance Sheet 2024-04-11

total 0
25 USD
total 25 USD
Net: -25 USD

Income Statement 2024-03-30..2024-04-11

25 USD
total 25 USD
50 USD
total 50 USD
Net: -25 USD

General Journal


2024-03-30 begin tracking finances of the plaintextaccounting org.

2024-03-30 Discourse | begin $50/mo hosting at Discourse, with an advance from SM
    ; discussion:
    expenses:hosting          50 USD
    liabilities:sm           -50 USD

2024-04-11 sponsor1 | one-time donation, used immediately
    revenues:github         -25 USD
    liabilities:sm           25 USD

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